About Me

My name’s Liz and I’m a copywriter who loves a good physical challenge. I grew up a professional dancer and have never lost my innate drive to both create and break a sweat.

Having always been a ferocious reader somewhere down the line I developed a second love: writing. Storytelling in all forms — non-fiction, poetry, literature, journalism — captivated me and I decided to pursue it seriously. I graduated early from NYU with a literature degree and officially began my writing career at TIME magazine.

Journalism mixed with some creative chops has proven to be a pretty lethal combination in advertising. My copywriting career began at CP+B and has been non-stop ever since. I now work as a writer at TBWA \ Media Arts Lab working exclusively on Apple. I've produced work ranging from MetLife's Super Bowl XLVI digital campaign to Apple's recent and very well-received "Every Day iPhone" campaign. 

Needless to say I love what I do and have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.