Facebook - Social

I was hired to streamline the social media page of the company that invented social media.  As the editorial, creative, and strategic lead, I came up with the creative concepts that would forever live on the page, helped develop Facebook's brand voice, crafted the writing on every post, collaborated and forged new relationships with different departments across Facebook, and created an overall look-and-feel for all the content on the page. 

Working at the head of the machine that literally created the concept of social media (and side-by-side with the people who created it!) taught me more about social media, how it works, its best practices, and all the secret ninja-y tricks-of-the-trade that I couldn't possibly have learned anywhere else.  

The Results

  • A unified brand voice
  • A consistent look-and-feel (even across departments and projects) 
  • Fun, engaging, and educational content for fans
  • A single place people can go to learn about Facebook news, values, and product launches
  • A brand page that can be held as an industry standard for social media marketing on the Facebook platform
  • A creative approach and strategy that will carry the page through the next 5-10 years
  • Successful launch of the most viewed video in Facebook history (Friendsday) 
  • Hugely successful launch of Facebook Live (collaboration with Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Cox), and other Facebook products
  • Finally launching the much-anticipated Reactions on Facebook
  • A very happy Facebook leadership team when it comes to Page content and strategy


The Numbers

Facebook Page Fans: 170,878,729

Average Number of Likes and Reactions Per Post: +107.8K

Average Number of Shares Per Post: 19K


Sample of the Work Below: