iPhone “FaceTime Every Day”

iPhone “Music Every Day”


Apple's first foray into social media — this campaign is made up of a series of fun 15-second animations that bring the unique color combinations of the iPhone 5c to life. The campaign is targeted at a younger audience and runs online and in cinema. My partners and I concepted and produced "Catwalk", "Viva o Carnaval", "Enjoy the show", "Houston and Bowery", "Skate date", "Gotcha", "POP!", "Power up", "Baaaaa" and "Showtime" among others that have yet to be revealed.

iPhone 5c New York Times Interactive Banner

On March 11, 2014 the New York Times ran Apple's iPhone 5c "Every color has a story" interactive banner. The banner was designed to showcase the fun animated color stories we rolled out on Apple's tumblr page under the handle isee5c. The banner linked to apple.com where people could choose their hardware/case color combination and purchase the iPhone 5c.

My role: copy, design concept, concepted and produced "Houston and Bowery", "Power up", "Enjoy the show", "POP!", "Pump it up", "Baaaa", Skate date", and "Gotcha".

iPhone “Discover”

iPhone “Brilliant”