First Book

To be convinced of the power of a new book, simply hand one to a child that’s never had one. This banner will visually remind teachers why they teach and what an impact they can have on a child’s life.


Problem: Teachers are over-worked, underpaid, have little job security, and are constrained by budget cuts and other stifling limitations. It’s easy to lose sight of why they went into teaching in the first place.

Solution: First Book will start a movement for teachers to keep each other inspired. By leveraging Pinterest's burgeoning teacher population, First Book will create a brand page and use the platform in imaginative ways to foster a community of unsung heroes.

Why I Teach Board: Pinning to the Why I Teach Board will allow teachers to become Official Ambassadors of First Book, earning them a badge on their profile pictures and distinguishing them as part of this community.

Marketplace Board: The Marketplace Board will display all available books in the First Book Marketplace. Teachers can click on the book they’d like to purchase for their students and be linked directly to the First Book Marketplace.

Teacher's Book Requests: Here, teachers can pin books that they’d like to see brought to the First Book Marketplace.


My role: concept, writing, designer/Art Director: Lisa Meck