Yule Log 2.014

Yule Log 2.014 is a fun seasonal project I worked on in collaboration with Daniel Savage, Oddfellows, and Wondersauce to help spread joy and holiday cheer throughout the web. With over 70 original films from over 80 artists, the site is a collection of  short films set to the sound of a crackling fire that brings the ancient Yule Log tradition into the digital age.

The site launched on December 3, 2014 and has already received tons of positive press. We even received a $2,000 licensing fee from Viacom/MTV to play all of the yule log videos in their lobby. Together, we decided to donate the money to C/I.  


Click here to experience Yule Log 2.014!

Select videos:

Silent Knights by Joe Russ, Ben Tillett, and Syd Weiler

Stay Tooned by Chris Lohouse and Sahil Adbul-Karim

Smoke on the Water by Erin Kilkenny